Our Team

This is Frankfurter Packer

Our company founder and chief executive:

Ewald Martiny 


Before founding Frankfurter Packer in 2003, Ewald Martiny had already been working in the moving business for many years. His great years-long experience has been an advantage for the company ever since. He does not only have experience with private moves, but also with company and project moves, heavy transportation, IT-moves and international moves. He has also done moving good inspections for many years. He personally performs those inspections at Frankfurter Packer.

Not only was the company able to place itself under the TOP 10 confern-partners every year since its entry in 2012, but Ewald Martiny has also been able to place among the TOP 12 employees of the year every year.

We are very proud that our colleagues in the confern-Group appreciate our work.

Thank you very much!



Our procurator and our dual student:

Annika und Teresa Martiny


Annika Martiny (right) has been working for Frankfurter Packer from the very beginning. As the right-hand woman of the Management, she performs many duties at Frankfurter Packer. When calling our office in order to set the date for your moving good inspection, you will most probably talk to her, but also if you have any questions regarding accounts.


Teresa Martiny has been working for Frankfurter Packer since November 2016. She studies Business Administration with special focus on freight forwarding and logistics at the University of Cooperate Education. She rotates between university and Frankfurter Packer every second month. 



And then there is our on-site team - our movers!

They have been packing and unpacking moving boxes together for many years and have travelled countless kilometers - in order to help you to come home. Our work would not be possible without them.