EDP-Transports And IT-Moves

Extraordinary Needs require Extraordinary solutions

We execute movings from computer centers and IT-transports with our modern and high-quality special tools and our qualified staff. Air-suspended special vehicles protect your valuable goods from external impacts, e.g. when driving, and temperature variations. An IT-transport is unimaginable without appropriate equipment.
We begin working where other moving companies have reached their limits.

We offer:

  • Proper packing of unpacked IT-systems in antistatic bubble wrap and bubble covers
  • Insertion of the packed IT in transportation tubs, that can be rolled in transport boxes and on europallets if needed
  • transportation of your IT-systems from A to B on time
  • We also transport completely implemented 19-inch server- and network-racks, if it is allowed by the site. We have matching means of transport for this case. This way, long and cost-intensive dis-/ reassemblework can be avoided and your IT is available much faster.
  • We bring the IT-Systems to exactly that place that you need them. We have already mastered hard conditions in the past, e.g. when a forklift had to be used.

We can also help you with the move of work places:

We take care of proper packing of work place devices. This includes docking stations, mouses, keyboards, connecting cables, etc. Every employee has "his screen" back on his desk when we finish our work. The disconnection and connection of cables, as well as function checks, can be performed by specially-educated movers and IT-workers.

Do you need further support?  You have access to versed IT-specialists through our nationwide cooperation partners!

  • They can help you the pre-arrangements for your IT-move or take care of the entire planning for you
  • They take care of the dis- and reassembly of the systems, or help you if you don't have enough staff to manage on your own.
  • Also, the cleaning of your systems is no problem. By doing this, you extend the life span of your systems and prevent possible disturbances or even failures. You will receive an offer for your specific needs.

We have a solution for almost any transport. Absolute care with the packing and safe-handling during the transportation is very important to us. This is the only way we can ensure that your good arrive safely at the new location.