Moves for Senior citizens

Your experience of life, our experience of work - a perfect combination!

Moving is stressful for people of all ages. While young backs are able to carry some weight, older backs should enjoy the privilege to rest - while Frankfurter Packer executes the move.

The procedure of your Move

Before your move:

Our moving consultant comes to your home and discusses the procedure of your move with you, as well as additional services that you might want to have us take care of (e.g. an electrician). At the same time he will estimate the volume of your moving goods. Based on that estimation, the price for your move will be calculated. This will be a fixed price - that means: You only have to pay the price mentioned in our offer. No hidden costs.


At your old place of residence:

You decide what kind of work you want us to do and what not. If you want to pack your moving boxes yourself, we will make sure that they are delivered to you in time. If you do not wish to pack on your own, we will gladly take care of the packing of your goods. It is safe-explanatory that we handle sensitive items such as porcelain, paintings and mirrors with great care, and find it especially important to pack these fragile items in a professional manner. We will gladly take care of the disassembly of your furniture. Lamps, curtain rails etc. can be taken down by our experienced and regulary-trained staff as well. If there are possible difficulties with parking, the installation of a no-parking zone is included in our service at the location of loading, as well as unloading.

We want you to be comfortable and not to have the feeling of stress at any time. 


During the time of transportation:

We attach great importance to the safe-handling of your furniture and moving goods. Thus, we transport all goods with felt-covered vehicles only. Naturally, your furniture will be well-secured during the time of transportation.


At your new place of residence:

We want you to move in just as relaxed as you moved out. Consequently, we will take care of the unpacking of your moving boxes if you wish. If you would prefer unpacking on your own, we will make sure that the empty moving boxes are picked up as soon as possible. We will gladly reassemble your furniture for you if you wish.

If your new home does not provide enough space for your furniture, you can place them in our heatable storage facility until you need them again. We will happily take care of possible disposals.

 You have further questions? We are looking forward to hearing from you!